Lynen Interiors created its name based on the pure and timeless textile, linen. The relaxed and durable elements of linen make it a natural addition to any home interior. It is ideal for nearly every home-furnishing application - upholstery, slipcovers, pillows, window treatments, table tops and bedding as it becomes softer with each wash. It is also used in accents, lighting, art, wall coverings, rugs and even tile. 

Experience the difference as you enter our design studio or one of our client's homes, You'll notice the earth-friendly, clean, fresh and relaxed vibe. The beauty lies in layering organic textures and tones like those found in nature. Our high standards fuel us to constantly hand-select natural, sustainable, recycled, repurposed, reclaimed, vintage, antique, small-batch and locally sourced products. We are also proud members of the SFC (Sustainable Furnishings Council).



LYNDA MCGARVEY CEO and Creative Director

CEO and Creative Director

Lynda has been playing house her whole life. She is a Bay Area native and her design story began with a BA from California State University, San Jose. For over twenty years, she has been a noted Bay Area Interior Designer.

In 2013, Lynda was introduced to the SFC (Sustainable Furnishings Council) - helping consumers find healthy home-furnishings. She decided to become a member of the council and take her business down a path less travelled. The business was re-branded and re-launched as Lynen Interiors.

LISA PINEDA Administrative Director

Administrative Director

Lisa joined the team as Design Assistant and quickly advanced to Administrative Director. She pretty much runs the show. She is always one step ahead, keeping the team organized and on-time. Lisa manages all logistics such as financials, accounts, appointments, to-do lists and everything in between. She is also the "Great Communicator" - in constant contact with vendors, contractors, installers, workrooms and clients, With her detailed administrative skills business continues to grow. 

MORGAN SMITH Design Associate

Design Associate

Morgan began her career as a temporary summer intern which grew into a permanent position as Design Associate. She launched the Lynen online shop, redesigned the website and continues to create CAD magic for each client. She grew up in the Bay Area and is currently enjoying her senior year at California State University, Chico. Morgan is organized, artistic and optimistic, if you couldn't already tell from her photo. She enjoys art, physical fitness, jet skis and zip-lines, when she can get away. She is excited to begin her career in the Residential Design Industry. 


DEBBIE LAPP Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing

Debbie comes to us with over 20 years of executive experience in Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising.  She has managed these business development efforts in television, theater production as well as IT Consulting.  

She was drawn to Lynen Interiors as she saw them doing something radically different in the area of interior design. Debbie is passionate about Lynen’s mission to promote natural and earth friendly homes.  She loves conveying to the world how the firm continually creates fresh and beautiful spaces as they stay true to their fundamental beliefs as proud members of the SFC.

RICHARD KRAMER Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

We’re so lucky to have Rich’s operational expertise on staff!  With nearly 20 years of Operational Management experience under his belt, he was the perfect person to set the foundation for Lynen Interiors as we expand into the future.

Rich’s experience working with our partners has proven invaluable and has allowed us to streamline our remodel, renovation and design projects.  He has ensured that our infrastructure is scalable, which has enabled us to handle our increased workload.  We are proud to say that this has allowed us to now work with more clients and more importantly, decrease their home design wait-time!  Thanks to Rich, our design clients can see their home transformation sooner!

TIM MCGARVEY LEED Green Consultant

LEED Green Consultant

In our unwavering commitment to promote natural homes with sustainable interiors, we are proud to have Tim McGarvey on board as our LEED Green Consultant.  Tim brings a wealth of knowledge to Lynen Interiors, and being a certified LEED Green Associate denotes his knowledge of green design, construction and operations.

Tim has a Bachelor’s Degree in City and Regional Planning, Property Development from Cal Poly Sal Luis Obispo.  He is a seasoned Project Manager with an impressive background throughout Silicon Valley, from green space work all the way through to $100 Million enterprise projects.

Whether he is undertaking a residential design or managing a project at the Apple Headquarters, Tim approaches each of his endeavors with professionalism and attention to detail.  We are thrilled to have his expertise on our team to support and continue our mission.