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We as a firm have always shouted from the mountaintops our love of green! Antiques and vintage pieces are the ultimate choice in “green” home décor! When you are reimagining your space, consider green options. They have more of a story to tell and transform your home into a personal space with pieces you won’t see on every magazine page or home improvement show. Older, one-of-a-kind finds are sure to put a smile on your face when layered with your newer home décor pieces.

When looking to transform your home, discover just the right treasure to help tell your story by antiquing and vintage shopping.  One of our favorite Bay Area sources is the Alameda Point Antiques Faire

It is the largest antiques show in Northern California and we are grateful that it’s only a short drive from our interior design studio and shop.  If you are up for the adventure, plan your expedition out to Alameda Point and enjoy access to over 800 unique booths. The vendors set up along the airstrip at the former naval base. The faire is held the first Sunday of every month and opens at 6AM for you early risers!

We recently visited on a cool and sunny day ⎯ perfect weather for antiquing! The clear sky granted us panoramic views of the San Francisco skyline and gave us the energy we needed for a very thorough day of hand picking and curating amazing finds for you ... and for us! 

Although we’ve been antiquing for years, it can still be a little overwhelming, even for us!  Take our advice and follow these tips:

Tip #1 ⎯ Wear comfortable walking shoes ... a no-brainer for any Bay Area outdoor, day-long event.

Tip #2 ⎯ Dress in layers. The bay's cool morning air warms up in the afternoon. This Sunday's forecast is clear skies with temperatures in the high 50's to low 70's during the showtimes of 6am - 3pm.

Tip #3 ⎯ Wear your hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. Don't let the overcast and breezy weather fool you as the sun can still make an impact!

Tip #4 ⎯ Bring plenty of cash, water and snacks. If you forget, there are ATM's and a variety of international food / drink vendors on site. The faire also provides ample portable toilet facilities.

Tip #5 ⎯ Bring a large bag, cart or wagon to tote all of your treasures. If you forget, they rent shopping carts for a mere five dollars. They also provide courtesy flat-bed carts to transport your larger or heavier purchases to the loading / pick-up zone.

Tip #6 ⎯ Start from the back of the property and work your way forward. That way you will discover treasures that other folks may miss as many get too tired before reaching the end. This tip will also help you avoid those crowded booths near the entrance in the beginning of the day!

Tip #7 ⎯ Toss out your shopping list. Be open to new adventures and old treasures that await!

Tip #8 ⎯ Tag your favorite finds, vendor or booth on our Instagram feed, #lynencloset

Stay Tuned. Stay Inspired.

Team Lynen