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Our first topic we want to share with you is a true “natural” for our inaugural post – Refresh your space by Redecorating and Redesigning!
If we look back to when we were children, that was truly our initial foray into transforming spaces. Whether we were decorating Barbie’s house, building our Hot Wheel’s city, rearranging our closet or moving furniture in our bedroom, we were creating spaces we loved. As a child, part of establishing our identity came from the sense of enjoying ‘ownership’ in our personal space. Whether we had our own room or shared one with siblings, we found a way to establish our individual space and make sure it conveyed to the world who we were! 
Back then, few of us were fortunate to go out and shop whenever we wanted to transform our space. Therefore, resourcefulness was of course the mother of invention for us as children. We found ways to use what we had to make our little area in the world reflect who we were on the inside; whether it was photos of friends, posters, stuffed animals or just arranging our toys in a way that made us smile!
To redecorate or redesign is to simply look at what you already have in a new way. Do it now - go through your home and pretend you’ve never been there before! Search high and low, like you are seeing every inch of your space for the very first time. If you need help, ask a friend to walk through with you and get a second opinion. That is exactly how we approach every new project — with fresh eyes!
We all have many ‘found pieces’ that simply began fading into the background as the years passed by. For instance, we recently placed a client’s outdoor bench at the foot of her master bed. She commented on how cool it was and asked where we found it. When we told her that we ‘found’ it in her backyard, she truly couldn’t believe it! She didn’t even recognize what she already owned!
Transform your space by simply getting out of your comfort zone and moving things around! Use a small outdoor bench as a side table, a child’s night stand, extra seating at your dining table or floating in front of your fireplace. Try it in your master bath, at the end of your bed, in your walk-in closet, in your mud room or near your front door as a place to rest as you take off your shoes … so many possibilities!
Redecorate and Redesign using what you already own — you will see your home in a refreshing new light!
Stay Tuned. Stay Inspired. 

Team Lynen