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Your home is a gift ... to yourself ... to your family ... to anyone that visits. Growing up, my parents always said that having company stay with us was one of the best things that happened to our house. Every January, we would start a home improvement to-do list in anticipation of our guest’s arrival that upcoming summer. These guests were both relatives as well as friends that we enjoyed welcoming into our home. They would stay for several days and ventured all the way from the East Coast to spend time with us.  

As the arrival dates of our guests approached, we did many last-minute touches to make them feel welcome. As a child, I didn’t realize that we were preparing our home as a gift to our family and friends.

Make your guests feel comfortable by sprucing up your home like a warm and welcoming Bed and Breakfast.

  • Remove your personal items from the bedroom and bathroom your guests will be using.
  • Clean their bathroom extra well and provide extra tissue paper, air-freshener and a plunger (for embarrassing moments).
  • Make their bed with fresh linens and lots of pillows, extra bedding and blankets.
  • Place fresh towels and washcloths in their room.
  • Place a basket in their bedroom filled with toilette samples, such as soap, shampoo, sunscreen and lotion.
  • Provide a chest of drawers or a closet with extra hangers.
  • Place an extra dining chair in their bedroom for a place to sit.
  • An iron and board are always a thoughtful idea.
  • Make sure they have a light and a night stand near their bed.
  • Fresh flowers, reading materials, a drinking glass, bottles of water and a basket of snacks on their nightstand are lovely ideas.
  • A USB cord/plug and your Wi-Fi password are helpful touches.
  • Don’t forget about privacy / room darkening window coverings.
  • De-clutter your family room, kitchen and other public spaces to make room for your guests and their things.
  • Plan your meals so that you have more time to spend with your guests.  For instance, prepare a meal a week before and freeze ahead (lasagna, for example).
  • Relax and enjoy their company!

The main thing is to be prepared so that when your guests arrive you can make wonderful memories and not stress over the visit.  They will definitely notice how much thought you put into making their stay enjoyable!

Stay Tuned. Stay Inspired.

Team Lynen