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Have you ever moved into a new place and wished you had magic powers and could just twitch your nose, so it could be set up exactly how you’d like it to look? I’m with you on the unpacking part but actually transforming your home into the refuge it is supposed to be is a true process - and it's more fun that way!

Think of your wardrobe. We don't go empty out our closets and go on a shopping spree to fill it up 100% all at once! So why do we think we should do that with our homes? We don't create budgets and spreadsheets for shoes and belts, etc. (although with those higher priced items, perhaps we should!). I say don't put that kind of pressure on your home.

Did you know studies have shown that the novelty of a NEW item wears out in just 9 months!?  So, if you transform your space all at once, you’ll be tired of it in less than a year!  Yet if you keep adding newness to your home, it will continue to feel fresh and updated!

We recently helped a client with her bedding project. Together, we selected a beautiful new linen duvet, coordinating pillow shams, linen sheets and a cozy blanket. The vision was looking lovely with layered textures and patterns of blues, whites, creams and grays. The client was so excited that she wanted to buy more pieces to complete the bedroom ensemble, but it just didn’t feel right. The bedding was looking too contrived and "model home". It needed some personality, so we added a hand-stitched quilt and an oversized, vintage linen grain sack lumbar pillow ... perfection!

Now she can take her time and have fun shopping as she adds individuality to her bedroom. What treasures will she find on her travels?

  •   Unique tables or night stands that need fresh paint and unique hardware
  •   Linen drum lamp shades to replace her dated pleated ones?
  •   A cozy bench to place at her footboard?
  •   A chunky braided throw to toss across all of it?

As a side note, remember to let those close to you know when you are on the pursuit for a certain item. People who care about you would love to know what interests you as you just made their shopping so much easier on them! How nice and personal to receive something that you have been searching for as opposed to another gift card to a restaurant that you may or may not enjoy?

So, take your time on decorating your space. Allow it to happen organically and make sure your personality is what pops the most!

Stay Tuned. Stay Inspired,

Team Lynen