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Have you ever purchased an entire furniture set from one of those mass produced, warehouse furniture stores? It seems so easy, doesn’t it? They market the entire room to the public, banking that we will buy the entire living, dining and bedroom sets.

Many stores also offer matching dining room sets, including the dining table, side chairs, arm chairs, stools, server, buffet, hutch, china cabinet and more!

Then there are those “Going-Out-of-Business” companies that lure you in with special prices when you purchase their entire collections. Living rooms come with a matching sectional, sofa, love seat, chair, ottoman, bench, accent pillows, coffee table, side tables, sofa table, console table, media unit, bookcase and more … ugh!

The ensemble these stores often push is a complete bedroom set, including bed, night stands, low dresser, tall dresser, chest of drawers, armoire, mirror and even the mattress. If you buy their matching lamps, rug and canvas art then all you need is the bedding-in-a-bag and you’re set…. Did I say ugh??

STOP the madness!!  These mass marketed rooms are the corporate stores way of force-feeding us an easy way out. Yes, it is the easy, unimaginative and boring way out!

It's fine to occasionally purchase in multiples such as paris of bedding pillows / shams, drapery panels or captain’s chairs to place at the head of tables. Sets of towels, dishes or flatware are also totally acceptable. However, before you go any further with your home decor shopping, consider these individual touches that convey to the world your personal style:

  • Replace your wooden bed with a cozy upholstered bed

  • Switch out your dresser’s attached mirror with a wrought iron, wall mounted mirror. Be sure not to hang it too high above the dresser though (something we've seen too many times!)

  • Move two of your kitchen chairs into other areas of your home (perhaps into an office or a kid’s room). Replace them with two upholstered or slipcovered captain’s arm chairs

  • Find some cool pillows that makes you smile. Toss them on your sofa so it now reflects who you are. Then it’s time to donate those matching ones that the sofa manufacturer sent with it

In general, when you have more than one of something, it dilutes the uniqueness of the piece. Your home should be a collected reflection of you. It should grow with you and contain pieces that make you happy.

Stay Tuned. Stay Inspired,

Team Lynen